To all my friends who love Yoropen:

My name is LIU BAO SHEN and I am Taiwanese. I am the inventor and founder of the brand Yoropen. First of all, I have to thank all the customers who are still using Yoropen as I speaking, and also to those have been use Yoropen in the past. I feel terribly sorry that I haven’t been a very good service support since 2010, especially to those branch partners. Please accept my deeply apology.

I wake up every morning still feel sorry that I didn’t fully support my own products, because I knew there were part of Yoropen users were vulnerable children. I know how it feels because I have been through that learning experience with my own children.

My intension to invent Yoropen was for my dear baby twin girl, YOYO and RORO whom suffered severe cerebral palsy. I knew there are parents might need my help with the same situation. So, my Yoropen was developed for everyone need a better writing tool.

I invented revolutionary Universal Measuring Device for Angle in 1988, this invention also made me as a recipient for the Grand Prix of 13th Salon Internatinal Invention and Techniques Show Geneve.(This was my first time reported in the media press over the world) I will continue to use my creativity make my twin daughter as a treasure but not a burden.

Yoropen is a successful product. It’s also a first prize winner of seven famous international awards.(This was my second time reported in the media press over the world) Then through academic research to the scientific proof with Georgia Tech and through five years of scientific instruments and long-term human experiments in several Taiwan universities. They all prove that Yoropen can improve holding pen problem during daily writing. This is the second time I appeared on press media around the world.

I have been work with branch partners in over twenty countries and sold over 10 million pieces of Yoropen. I was receiving lots of thankful letters from around the world and that’s my biggest encouragement.

my first time reported in the media press over the world

As Yoropen brand was developing in speed, things in my life was going to opposite direction. First of all, my daughter YOYO passed away in 2007 that really hit me hard. I started to feel wondering and lost then my wife left me that really made me sink to the bottom. That’s when Yornpen lost its royal service support in late 2010. I left Taiwan to mainland China seeking for another fresh start but everything was a chaos, I almost abandon myself. At that time, I wasn’t really myself wondering in the unfamiliar China, I met my second wife JUDY. That feel just like thing would happen in the movie, JUDY stand by me through my darkest period time. We had our new born baby ABBY in August 2014. JUDY told me that having ABBY is the most meaningful thing in her life. When I heard that I wet my eyes, I ask myself how I deserve this special gift. I really have to make things right with my new family.

my secpnd time reported in the media press over the world

I start to think that I should stand up again where I fall down. I have all the bless from my family and create the New Yoropen. The new one must be better , simpler and more comfortable than the first one. Within this digital era, the new one need cover new learning, recording and design related functions.

The New Yoropen will divide in to 2 catagories:
For paper,
included pre-school learning color-marker, marker, pencil, ball pen, gel pen, fountain pen.

For digital, the Smart Yoropen:
Included: kid learning, designer, office, for fun (these are not yet in production line)

first prize winner of seven famous international awards

New Yoropens Writing Instruments and Smart Yoropen digital products are extension of Yoropen and more modernized design and functions. These designs are already apply for PCT patent pending. I tried with modified design Yoropen Z3 and with Kickstarter help I managed to rolled out the product but not enough resource to let me continue the after sale service which is I worry the most.

Georgia Tech US and through five years of scientific instruments and long-term human experiments in The most famous Taiwan universities.

I am not origin from China and it is very hard for me to find new resources from here, after I invest all my saving in here I realized that I have nothing left to go on except my family. I love my family very much and I still have to fight for RORO to see her stand by her own.

So, I come up this idea and decide to release this information on my website, a good design need a good company to support it. If anyone or any company willing to continue this wonderful design and help those unfortunate children, please contact me.

I have accumulate lots of design idea and waiting for right support to reveal these good inventions which I am sure would bring lots of improvement to the world. I started a new invention that I spent my design energy for years in early 2015. This invention is about a human transportation gear, it took me days and nights in these several months and it’s almost done. I swear that this invention will make me under the spot light again.

First of all, I appreciate all of your time to read this message and please feel free to forward this message to anyone who may help. If you have connection from corporation such as Wacom or Apple that’s even better. Thanks again for your support.

In order to express my appreciation after my goal is reached, please leave your email and name so I can repay you in any form, that included any discount or first purchase privilege.

Thanks again.

Here is my contact info

abyoroLiu Bao Shen
Love to dancing ABBY(now 17 months old)