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Winner of Seven famous awards
Yoropen is invented by a loving father for his daughters, who suffer from Cerebral Palsy. It addresses many problems that traditional pens do not. And Yoropen helps not only people with writing difficulties, but also left-handed people, children learning to write and seniors. Yoropen has competed with many household names. Among it were Montblanc, Parker, Cartier and Pentel. Yoropen competed in many international awards and won 7 awards so far.
2002︰Geneva 2002 Salon International Invention Gold Medal Award
Geneva 2002 Salon International Invention Gold Medal Award
International Exhibition of Inventions Salon International Des Inventions De Geneva

The 30th Session Gold medal in International Invention Exhibition, Geneva.
Organized by International Exhibition of Inventions
It's the world's largest market-place for inventions, new techniques, and products.
2005︰Salon Univers D'Enfants 2005, Paris
Salon Univers D'Enfants 2005, Paris

Salon Univers D'Enfants 2005, Paris, Concours Lepine
Organized by ASSOCIATION DES PETITS FABRICANTS, ET INVENTEURS FRANCAIS, Yoropen won the first prize in the Concours Lepine, Innovation for Children.
2005︰ISPA & Innovation Award 2005, first prize in Writing Category
ISPA & Innovation Award 2005, first prize in Writing Category

Organized by ISPA (International Stationery Press Association),
selected from 140 products, the international panel of judges recognized Yoropen's innovative design and its functionality for people across all age ranges.
2005︰iF International Design Award Winner
iF International Design Award Winner (iF International Forum Design GmbH)

iF Product Design Award Organized by International Forum Design GmbH, iF Design Award represents Symbol of quality design, as a visual mark demonstrated quality of products and services, but also as a global procurement decision & guidance.
2005︰STYLOGRAPHE 2005 "Le Stylographe"

Organized by "Le Stylographe" - the specialist pen magazine in France, Belgium and Switzerland.
Yoropen won the first prize in modern design ahead of Montblanc, Cartier, Parker, Waterman, Pelikan, Cartier, such a famous brand.
2008︰Red dot design award
Red dot award product design 2008

Organized by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. The award is as a seal of quality; it stands for membership of the best in design and business.
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