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U.K. BBC By Ivan Noble
Chinese inventor Bao-Shen and his 3D-Yoropen, AP
Bao-Shen's Yoropen gives you a clear view of your writing
BBC News Online science staff, Geneva
By Ivan Noble
The mother of invention / YOROPEN.cent
Clearly one of the greatest inventions in modern times is the ball point pen. Clumsy inkwells and school children was always going to be a recipe for disaster, while carrying a plume around would more often than not result in stained shirt pockets from an irrepressible leak. Yoropen is a creation from a Taiwanese designer, who draws inspiration from the curves and shapes of a mother to be, while creating an ergonomic design that nestles snugly in the hand, softly resting between forefinger and thumb. The slightly bulbous body and upright case allow a comfortable writing experience.
( .CENT asked designer Bao Shin Liu to write his about his concept by hand, in Taiwanese and English. )
Introducing the Yoropen Journal of the Writing Equipment Society, by Jack Romano
Yoropen didn't do anything that a conventional ballpoint couldn't do just as well. In this they miss the point and disregard months of extensive trials and design nuances-the Yoropen's big plus is that once you are used to it, it all makes perfect sense. For long letters, note taking or similar marathons its certainly easier on the hand than say a Bic, it requires very little pressure and you don't need to keep making constant adjustments in order to keep cramp at bay. In this its bound to appeal to students, or anyone else who needs to write quickly and smoothly.
The Official Magazine of The National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN)UK
Yoropen is a revolutionary brand of writing instrument designed to make writing more natural and comfortable. As it is easier to control than conventional writing instruments, it is particularly helpful for young children learning to write, left-handers and also those with writing difficulties.
asahi news/2005/04/09
The pen don't have to be the vertical form. There are many mistakes in the form of writing instrument. The pen now be presented in one of it. Some people would be wondered "It might be good to write when seeing this pen at first sight, but the result may be negative after using it." But after tried it under the nature of enjoying using new things, so surprised it was good to write. First, the angle between ballpoint and paper allows you writing easily. Besides, the angle looks like the head of airplane which enable the hand using with the proper power on the paper. Moreover, the triangle grip can be rotated to the proper position you need. The most amazing thing is the words can bee seen clearly. Until now I knew how the sight been blotted the visual space when using the tradition pen. Another wonderful thing is the left-hander won't smudge the words they wrote.
Japan Asahi /2005-04-09 news

The pen tip just like the beak of a bird, to eagerly look forward to the lady, take another look, likes the Concorde supersonic aircraft nose tip. the pen tip and the body axis doesn't on the same line, so you can write while checking on your handwriting.
Japan Stationary Magazine EXIM CEO 中田 勳
YOROPEN feature is the adjustable holding area, it can be adjust according each ones writing habits and avoid sliding down to reduce the burden of the fingers. Pen tip has clear visual space, Yoropen is also specialized for left-hander.
Pen is Mightier Incentive Today
A new pen has been launched in the UK that promises to be "the most significant development in traditional pen technology" since the launch of the biro in 1945. The Yoropen has an offset nib that means pressure ie excerted directly above the pen tip, which means less writing strain, increasing visibility and a better writing position. The grip is adjustable and has a rotating barrel allowing for different drawing effects. It was invented in Taiwan by Bao-Shen Liu who was in london last month for the official launch. It is distributed in the UK by Coles Pen Company.
Penmanship Life Magazine
It has been designed by Bao-shen Liu, a father in Taiwan, who observed his children's problems with writing and decided to study both pens and writing in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of conventional pens. The result is the Yoropen, an ergonomically designed pen that makes writing easier and overcomes many problems such as strain, tension and poor posture. World-renowned handwriting expert Dr. Rosemary Sassoon reports: "The Yoropen's innovatively designed barrel allows a ballpoint to work at a comfortable angle. The Yoropen might be of special use to those with real writing problems caused by arthritic hands, writer's cramp, stroke and other medical conditions." And Orthopaedic Surgeon Nicholas Goddard has said: "The grip is a little unconventional but very easy to adapt and is chunky enough to be used by patients with a weak grip."
I See a Bright Light FHM
Bin your Biros, this is the Yoropen. The most effective ergonomic pen ever designed. It's something of a revolution in the ink-scribbling world thanks to its offset nib and the fact it can be used easily between right and left-handers.
Introducing A New Style of Writing from Yoropen Good Life-London’s Only Lifestyle Magazine
On Wednesday 26th May 2004 the Yoropen was launched worldwide at the Metropolitan Hotel, Park Lane. London. The inventor, Mr. Pao Shen Liu introduced the Yoropen to an intrigued and fascinated audience. The revolutionary Yoropen is at the forefront of writing technology. Instantly recognizable by its stylish, funky design. The Yoropen's unique ergonomic shape also makes it easier to write! The Yoropen is ideal for Left Handed users since they will not "smudge" their writing! The Yoropen has won the Gold Medal at the Geneva 2002 International Inventions Awards (the world's most prestigious inventions convention). The Yoropen has been endorsed by handwriting experts, including Dr. Rosemary Sassoon, author of over 30 books on handwriting.
You can see what you are writing Girl About Town
As someone who has the worst handwriting in the world, computers have been my savior. There are, of course, times when I have to use a pen and, boy, do I struggle. I can't even read what I have written at times. Thankfully those days are gone thanks to the launch of the Yoropen; simply the most effective ergonomic pen ever designed. You can quickly see improved results in your handwriting. Because of the design and the shape of the pen you can clearly see what you are writing as you write it. I'm delighted with mine, I shall remain a Yoropen man for the foreseeable future. People will at last be able to read my writing, including myself.
A brand new pen, Yoropen The Funday Times
The funky Yoropen makes writing fun…its special nib reduces strain, saves energy and makes writing easier-and apparently makes your writing better too!
Wardens Apart, It's Got the Lot. Ham & High
What was your most memorable day? Probably our first delivery of Yoropens. I'm passionate about what I've started here. The inventor won a gold medal at the Geneva invention fayre. The pen is named after his twin daughters, Yoyo and Roro. You can see the pen at www.yoropen.co.uk.
Yoropen, the pioneer for writing Smart PA
Instantly recognizable by its stylish, funky design, the Yoropen's unique ergonomic shape also makes it easier to write! The Yoropen is ideal for Left Handed users since they will not 'smudge' their writing!
A pen made perfect for rightists and lefties Daily Telegraph-By Johnson Clare
Do you know of a pen specially adapted for left-handers? I am rather taken by the "Yoropen". It has an offset nib and looks a bit like a stork's head. The result is a more comfortable handhold, a clearer view of what you are writing and, for left-handers, less likelihood of smudging.
Writing Made Easy Giftware Review
The award winning, revolutionary Yoropen is at the forefront of writing technology. Inventor Bao-shen Liu has overcome the problems associated with traditional writing instruments and created a pen that reduces writing strain, improves postures, gives greater visual space and has an adjustable grip to suit right and left handers.
Writing Fun Guiding Magazine
Yoropen is ideal for introducing children to the fun of writing. This revolutionary design reduces writing strain, and is adjustable, making the pen perfect for both right-handers and left-handers.
Yoropen makes you look cool K Club
Use this nifty Yoropen to write essays (yawn) or sign autographs when you hit super stardom! Either way, you're gonna look hot with one of these in your hand!
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