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Dr. Rosemary Sassoon / Author of over thirty books on handwriting, London
"The problem with ball point pens is that they need to be held at an upright elevation in order to function. This is the cause of many unconventional and potentially painful pen holds. The Yoropen's innovatively designed barrel allows a ballpoint to work at a comfortable angle."
Michael Woods / Editor of the Journal of the Writing Equipment Society
"Mr. Bao Shen Liu, in designing the Yoropen, has brought together two interesting features; the offset point has been used by copperplate calligraphers as an aid to achieving a consistently angled script. The triangular rubber grip has been a feature of teaching young children and all children with writing difficulties- a mean of encouraging "correct" grip of writing tools. Bringing these together in a light, well balanced writing instrument, through which ink flows fluently to a ball point, is a great success. The pen does what it claims-by reducing strain, improving the field of vision, encouraging correct hold and assisting left-handers. It should be particularly welcomed by educational and physiotherapy professionals as another valuable resource to help their work."
Johnny / Chiropractor
"I have tested this pen and found it to be unique in design, allowing me to write more comfortably, as I do not hold my pen in the traditional way. I would anticipate that individuals with hand injuries might get benefit from the versatility in the way this new pen can be held."
Mr. Nicholas Goddard / Orthopaedic Surgeon, London
"Thank you so much for sending me a sample (Yoropen) which is really quite revolutionary and should be comfortable to use. The grip is a little unconventional but very easy to adapt and is chunky enough to be used by patients with weak grip as I was discussing with you last week. Once it is on the market I would be happy to point my patients in your direction.
AIJ / With Arthritis disease, one of R. Sassoon's patients
"Try out this pen, you will like it. This pen is terrific! Because of the grip it provides a better angle for writing and it's suitable for those with arthritis problems."
Jason Marantz / English Teacher, Wolfsen Hillel Primary School, London
"For over a month now, pupils at school in which I work have been trialling the Yoropen. The results have been most encouraging. Children have commented to me that they find the pen comfortable. I have noticed that to use the Yoropen, you must hold it at a proper angle and in the tripod grip. Consequently, the user has to sit up straight, improving his/her posture. Children who are both left and right handed feel that they sit more comfortably and can actually see their work when using the Yoropen. Many children, especially left handers who use conventional pens cannot see their work. The Yoropen changes all of that providing a unique field of vision. Being able to see their work enables users to write in a neater fashion. I have witnessed enjoy using the Yoropen and have become more confident with their handwriting. As they are more comfortable when writing they can write for longer periods of time. This improves their performance. The most encouraging change in the children using the pen has been their self confidence. The children enjoy writing and are proud of their work."
Abi Rose / Primary School Teacher
"Gabriel, aged 5, had many problems using his ordinary wooden pencil since starting school. He used to hold his pencil incorrectly (with his whole hand), which in turn affected his formation of letters and motivation to write. After being introduced to the Yoropen pencil, Gabriel is now able to consistently hold his pencil correctly and is on his way to effectively forming recognizable letters, most of which are correctly formed."
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